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Planning a relocation in Markham

Markham moversThe next time you’re planning a relocation in Markham, make sure you hire the pros. At Let’s Get Moving, we make it our business to remove the stress and hassle of relocating. Forget about the nasty experience you had with a previous moving company in Markham. You don’t need to incur losses in the form of broken or lost items. We’ll ensure your relocation is as simple and efficient as possible. Our professional movers can get the job done right and at a good price. At Let’s Get Moving, we are known to offer the best possible deals in Markham.

We handle relocations of any scale

Whether you’re planning to relocate a few items in your house or an entire office building with hundreds of employees, Let’s Get Moving is ready to offer you an efficient and friendly service. We handle local moves regardless of the scope. Our company brings together extensive skill with all the resources and experience you need for an effective move. We know that in order to earn your trust and get referrals, we must keep our promise. Let’s Get Moving has a reputation of maintaining top-notch customer service. We know just how confusing things can turn out especially when you’re planning a relocation on short notice. We’re here to give you unmatched value.

We go all the way

Are you planning to move long distance? We can help. We will take care of the relocation process in the most professional and pleasant manner. Whether you simply need us to arrive at your property and carry the packed items or you need our crew to help out with the packing/unpacking, we’re ready to customize a service that works for you.

We know the challenges that long-distance moves can pose. From the risks of property damage to delays, we know how to mitigate such issues and ensure the customer is always satisfied. In fact, our company was founded based on 100% customer satisfaction.


We handle office and corporate relocations

If you’re planning to set up a business in or outside Markham, we will provide you with the relocation services you need to ensure the process runs smoothly. Relocating a business can have its challenges. We have an outstanding crew of movers in Markham as well as drivers and managers who burn the midnight oil to ensure quality is never compromised in service delivery.

We work around the clock to make sure your business gets there on time and with minimal disruptions. Our goal is to ensure business continuity regardless of the distance covered during your move.

Let’s Get Moving together

It’s time to arrange your relocation process with the help of a reliable moving service. We always look forward to helping you relocate.

The last thing you want is to get stuck with a mover who is prone to delays, damaged items or a host of other problems.

We save you from this nightmare by offering a great relocation experience. Give us a try today and you’ll be happy you called.


We are a fully professional moving company in Toronto staffed with experienced and respectful movers. We include strong movers, moving truck, and insurance for all your belongings and property.

We offer hourly rates, which gives our clients control over their move and the number of hours required. Our movers will carefully wrap your possessions with our quilted blankets and shrink wrap, then professionally pack them in the truck so they remain safe during transportation. When we arrive at your new location, we will set every piece where you want it to go. We are a full-service moving company.

Disassembly and reassembly of furniture are both FREE OF CHARGE. We have all the tools and equipment necessary for any size commercial or residential move. We will provide wardrobe boxes to move your clothes that are on hangers at NO EXTRA COST!

Our reservation system is very secure, no one can book over your move. Click the button below to book now!!!



Let’s Get Moving handled our 7 hour move (from Belleville to Elliot Lake) with the logistical precision of a world class company. They arrived exactly when they said they would and did not leave until the job was done. This was a very difficult move of a 3 bedroom house going 7 hours away but it was no match for their 26 foot truck and 3 man crew. NONE of our items were damaged, everything was professionally wrapped and they brought all of the extras we requested, such as wardrobe boxes, blankets and cardboard boxes. Their prices are UNBEATABLE as we received many quotes from many of their competitors and they were by far the most reasonable on a move of this caliber.
Would definitely recommend Let’s Get Moving to anybody looking for a hassle free move at a fair price.

Adrian M., Belleville


if’ you are anything like me you will probably browse the whole movers section, call 3 or more movers, ask for quotes and spend several hours trying to figure out which one to go with. I’m telling you right now, stop wasting your time, call these guys and book them. You WILL NOT regret it! Now, after I said that I want to describe my experience to you:
I called around to the top guys on the list here and got some quotes, Tiam from Let’s get moving was fast to reply, although it was sunday afternoon. He wasnt the cheapest but he wasnt the most expensive either so I booked 3 men and a truck through their website and was done within 10 minutes. On the day of the move the guys showed up on time, they had a big van and everything you need to make a successful move, they worked their tail off, no breaks, no games, just went up and down the house and moved everything. When we moved to the new house they did not take forever to make it there, they kept on working hard and strong. everything was put in the right place and done right. Not a single thing was broken or damaged. they were pleasant and friendly.
Bottom line, Let’s get moving is THE moving company you want to hire.
Just make sure to book them in advance as they are busy 🙂

Isaac O., Toronto


I had heard of Let’s Get Moving when my best friend moved. When I had to move, I spoke to them. Their friendly attitude and answers to my questions convinced me they were the right partners for me. The movers came right on time on the day of the move and helped me load my boxes on the truck. They were very careful to ensure that none of the boxes were open or looked weak. This helped avoid any problems for the future. The team helped me unpack into the new apartment and also ensured I was helped in unpacking. Thank you very much. I highly recommend Let’s Get Moving to everyone for their moving needs.

Hilaria T.


Thank you Yelpers for your reviews which helped me decide on hiring Let’s Get Moving for my recent move. Tiam was excellent to deal with and my last minute booking of my move was made very easy and problem free. Haroom and Angus were my movers and they were a real pleasure to deal with. They were very careful with all my items while being very quick and efficient.
The truck and their packing materials were clean and everything arrived at my destination in perfect condition. Payment was easy with a credit card. Like everyone says, moving is no fun, but Haroom and Angus were a big help and really relieved the stress of moving. They were also very friendly and courteous and I couldn’t ask for better movers. Thank you Tiam, Haroom, Angus and Let’s Get Moving! I highly recommend them.

Alan W., Toronto


This was one of the easiest moves thanks to Let’s Get Moving. Booking the move was the easiest of any moving company out there. The quoted price was exactly what we were charged, no hidden fees.
The movers arrived exactly on time and immediately went to work. They were incredibly friendly, fast, efficient, and careful. I assumed after 3.5 hours of loading the truck the crew would stop along the way for lunch, but no. They immediately went to the new house and didn’t stop until everything was unloaded. So the final price we paid was for only moving, and no stoppages.
I have zero complaints about this company. They were the cheapest quote, with the largest truck, and they delivered superbly!

Mrkonya, Toronto


I hired Let’s Get Moving to help me move and the best part about the move was their wardrobe boxes. I own a lot of clothes and accessories and their boxes were so large and they comfortably stocked my wardrobe. They offer this service for free, fyi, so it is a very good add on to using Let’s Get Moving services. My move was well done and their crew was friendly.

Jessie R.